Control your air system with the controller of your choice* with the THIRTY3 manifold.


THIRTY3 Manifold valve is designed to offer you the cleanest installation without having to "hide" all the nasty bits.


THIRTY3 product line is made with high quality products like billet aluminum and 100% copper. Superior grade materials, for superior grade products.


THIRTY3 products are designed to be compatible with most management systems on the market. Management systems which place their ECU on the valve for obvious reasons are not compatible.


Thirty3 Pneumatics

THIRTY3 is a small company located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia . We noticed a need for innovative products at affordable prices so we acted and THIRTY3 was born. As we move forward, so will our product lines, stay tuned! 

Featured product

THIRTY3 air bags

THIRTY3 air bags feature a maximum restrained pressure of 600 psi, steel braided cord reinforced ribs and multi-layer nylon belt cords bonded into the rubber. Unmatched durability with rolled crimp connections on the upper and lower bag end caps. THIRTY3 created a “hybrid” air bag that will achieve the reliability and performance you desire .

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