Our Story

THIRTY3……it all started from an idea, as do most things. Our idea was to make our own manifold block, for no other reason than to see if we could. We have been in the air suspension world for well over a decade, been stranded on the side of the road in the early days before we knew any better, built our own vehicles with great friends in poorly lit garages. We have installed air suspension on many modern cars, trucks, and classics. We have watched ideas change from making air suspension as fast as possible to making air suspension as smooth as possible, with reliability questions thrown out of the equation.  As installers and consumers ourselves,there was always one thing that bothered us, valve manifolds available on the market were dated, with ugly plugs or poor design, and no one seemed to be doing anything about it.


      In a time when air suspension seems to only be getting more expensive, we took the time to source out a local CNC shop, make a couple calls to the best solenoid and valve manufacturers, and sit down and draw up our ideal valve.. complete with everything that frustrated us about other products on the market. Once we had what we considered to be the ideal design, we crunched numbers and soon discovered that we can make a superior product at a lower cost to the consumer.

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