Welcome to LEVEL14 by THIRTY3, a new management system. 

We understand that there are a lot of theories and mis-information running around the internet, every management system claiming its superiority. We at THIRTY3 simply believe that height based systems are the truest form of air management. However, we also understand that it is nice to observe your air pressures. We are in the midst of developing a system that will be released in 3 stages. Listed below are the stages and what you can expect from them.

Welcome to Stage1
Stage1 is a simple set up, that allows you to control your valve with your phone via bluetooth control and an ECU. LEVEL14 allows full function FBSS (Front, Back, Side, Side) and the ability to preset 3 buttons to control multiple valves at once (all up , all down, etc.) This system will be the first to be released and is entirely upgradeable to Stage2 and Stage3.

Stage2 brings the simplicity of Stage1 with the addition of 5 pressure read outs, all 4 corners, and tank pressure. Offering you a basic controller that serves a purpose without having to fit in bulky gauges to you new car or classic truck. At this point the LEVEL14 system will still be a “manual” system

And finally we arrive at Stage3…

Stage3 is where the fun starts. We take the first two stages, and through in some height sensors….. Okay, its a little more complicated than that. LEVEL14 will have 3 drivable presets and a 4th ALL DOWN preset. The system will tell you if your tank pressure is too low in both a visible and audible warning. This system will also indicate other issues your system may be experiencing. There is one feature we have yet to tell the you about, however we assure you it will be radical. As we are sure you can understand, we can t give away all the secrets here.. We arent reinventing the wheel, just refining it!

The LEVEL14 management system is designed and manufactured in Canada, by Canadians 

*Stage1, Stage2, Stage3 will all work with our valve heater 

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